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Diamond Gold Nose Pin

Buy a Diamond Gold Nose Pin from a valentine jewellery and we are making has been in the business of manufacturing and exporting jewelry for over two decades. 14k to 18k yellow gold diamond nose pin jewellery available online

Are you planning to give a beautiful gift to your beloved that will last a lifetime? What are you planning to give to your partner? Jewelry with natural diamonds and gold meets your budget so you can afford it; in Perrian, there is a valentine jewelry Online Web store. The latest collection includes Diamond Gold Nose Pins To give gifts that will be remembered as the most unique and special by your loved ones. Moreover, the Jewelry that we make is manufactured by an independent business of Perrian itself that has been manufacturing and exporting high-quality Gold and Diamond jewelry for nearly two decades now.

These products are available in a wide range of categories and unique designs that our customers highly appreciate even today. There is an extensive selection of Nose Pins made of 14k and 18k pure yellow gold and natural diamonds that can be worn against any skin tone when worn on your face. If you are searching for a piece of Jewelry that combines precious gold and diamond with originality, we have a variety of Nose Pin designs to choose from in our store. This is because these nose pins are made with the utmost precision, so they can be worn for a wide range of occasions, such as parties, weddings, get-togethers, festivals, and religious occasions, as well as for daily use. It is said that nose piercings reduce the distressing energy that negatively influences our health.

A nose pin can be worn on the left or right side of the nose. However, the Vedas say that women should wear their nose pins on the left side of the nose since the left side is directly connected to the reproductive system. There are many nerves close to the opening of the nostrils. Many girls regarded the piercing of a girl’s nose as a symbol of their rebellion against society’s traditional values. It represented independence, rebellion, and freedom of choice. You do not need to worry if you are looking only for gold nose pins; in our collection, you will also find that design for those looking for simplicity.

What is a nose pin?

It had been so many years since there had been so many golds and diamond jewelry pieces for various body parts, ranging from rings for the figure to earrings for the ears to bracelets for the hands to anklets for the legs. Still, nothing was available when it came to something minimal and appropriate for the entire face. Still want a simple, elegant look? So here, the most miniature Jewelry in all categories is nose pins worn on the nose.

Many Indian languages know the nose pin is (nak kakanta), the traditional culture that women follow as a fashion trend. As part of various symbols of a woman’s marital status, the nose ring, the king of Jewelry, became popular around the 9th and 10th centuries known as ( nath ) in various Indian languages. Designed for people who want to pierce their noses to wear nose rings or nose pins, the small piece of Jewelry, made of metals and precious stones, is designed in various unique designs specifically for people who want to wear nose rings or nose pins.

The pierced specialists sharpen the nose rings before being worn. The vast majority of us know that one of the main risks of wearing nose pins made from harsh metals is that they react with our skin. These metals include aluminum, lead, or cadmium steel, oxidized steel, plated steel, and silver that has been oxidized. Wearing a cheap or fake metal nose pin is likely to cause such an issue after a few days when the metal starts oxidizing after wearing it for a few days. If the metal oxidizes enough, it starts melting because of the harsh chemicals in the metal of the nose pin, which causes damage to the area with the nose pin attached. Since this is true, it is essential to keep our skin healthy with important and trusted products available on the market. Since real gold contains properties capable of reducing stress and anxiety levels due to its high karat quality content, this is why Perrian by Valentine Jewelry created the pure gold and natural diamond nose pin.

Perrian’s Unique Design Category

Now, wait a minute, you don’t want to pierce your nose and still want to wear a nose pin, so Perrian introduced one of our most saleable and trendiest Non- Piercing Nose pins for those who don’t have any piercings on their nose but still want to wear one anyway.

Types Of Nose Pin Available At Valentine Jewelry

Stud Diamond Nose Pin 

A stud is a setting in a jewelry piece on which diamonds are set in unique adjustment settings with one or more diamonds that usually means one or more diamonds in a small piece of Jewelry for elegance or to satisfy someone’s preference for lightweight Jewelry. The diamond stud settings are usually traditional, with the diamond held by prongs after it is attached to a small hole in pierced parts like the nose or ears.

On the other hand, the diamond stud settings are typically traditional, with the diamond held by prongs after it is attached to a small hole. With a unique prong setting and studded diamonds encrusted into the design, nose pins in pure gold with diamonds can have a luxurious design. With a unique prong setting, studded diamonds encrusted into the design, a nose pin can, And a stud-type of Jewelry gives them a delicate touch. A perfect piece of Jewelry for those looking for a small piece of gold attached with a stud that gives a dazzling look to your face. Our stud diamond Nose Pin is made for those who wish to wear Jewelry with natural diamonds in a small piece of gold.

Screw Pin Nose Pin 

It is entirely secure, and unlike any other screw, an adjustable screw nose pin works in a way that appears to the naked eye to be the same thing as a screw twist design for adjusting fittings. Still, in reality, it is entirely secure and unlike any other screw. As far as screw-back nose studs are concerned, they have threaded tubes into the stems themselves. By rotating the front piece and holding the back piece at the same time, you can tighten and secure your nose jewelry. There is a spiral curve on the nostril screws that are approximately halfway down the screws, which threads through the piercing while the remainder presses against the inside of the nostrils. This spiral curve holds the Jewelry in place and prevents the Jewelry from falling out. The Perrian offers a vast selection of screw-fitting nose pins with studded diamonds. Clients with pierced noses who have lost their gold nose pins because it is loosely adjustable can have good fitting or loose options depending on their nose size needs.

Wire Nose Ring

There are many nose piercings that you can choose from, but wire nose rings are one of the most popular. They can be worn at the tip of the nose, on the bridge of the nose, or the tip of the nose. Make sure that you have a mirror handy so you can check out what you’re doing. There are particular techniques to wear a wire nose pin in a pierced nose. By using a wire nose pin, you can bring out the best features of your face. A wire nose pin is ideal for those with a sharp nose and the desire to stand out. There are particular techniques to wear a wire nose pin in a pierced nose. To insert wired nose pins into pierced noses, the wire on the nose pins made for pierced noses has an S-shaped wire. If you are brand new to wearing wired nose pins, this wire will be most accessible for you to insert into your nose, and you will feel comfortable wearing it. When you wear a nose pin, you will gently insert the small section of the wire at the end of the wire into the hole at the top of your piercing and then rotate your nose while simultaneously pressing the nose pin into the hole. Stop the process once you no longer see the wire and the design of your nose pin lies parallel to the surface of your nose.

Single Diamond Stud Nose Pin 

If you want to add some style to your outfit, you can replace one diamond stud with a gemstone stud. Giving a single stud jewelry piece a modern touch serves as a way of varying your ensemble. This delicate Jewelry is the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your day, ideal for any occasion. One of the advantages of a single stud diamond is that you can get the illusion that the stone is floating in the air, which adds a subtle elegance while displaying the color of the natural stone or the sparkle of the diamond. Single stud diamonds are also easier to wear and smaller than other single diamond styles. This nose pin’s primary focus is on a single stud diamond attached by gold in the center of the design, giving the nose an enhanced look by wearing it. This single stud diamond nose pin has white diamonds in a square shape. It is a perfect jewel for every occasion. This lovely piece will make your life memorable with more happiness and joy.

Non-Piercing Nose Pin 

Many people do not want piercings on their noses; however, they would still like to wear a nose pin, so have you heard about the non-piercing nose pins? Yes, now you can wear a nose pin without ever having a piercing done on your nose. A nose pin can completely turn the look of your face, as it can transform your face’s appearance from mundane to stunning in no time at all. However, many people shy away from getting pierced, so we have a great selection of gold and diamond non-piercing nose clips, one of our most popular nose clips on the site. This nose clip comes in the shape of you, and it is easily attached to your nose. In our webshop, we offer a non-piercing nose stud available in non-piercing versions that connect to the left nostril by clipping the nose stud onto the left nostril, pressing the backside of the nose ring into your nose, and it will hook onto the nose just like a regular nose stud. This way, you can wear a non-piercing nose pin without having to pierce your nose.

Without Diamond Only Gold Nose Pin 

We have gold nose pins that do not have any diamonds set in them; these are primarily meant for those looking for only gold nose pins without diamonds for daily wear since pure gold is a very soft metal. We intend to make these nose pins out of gold because this is a premium metal ranging from 14k and 18k, which are the best metals to make gold jewelry. A gold nose is made in the shape of a traditional round piece with wire attached to it to ensure that it fits comfortably with the nose.

Septum Nose Pin 

Septum piercings are one of the most popular types of body piercings that you can get these days. But where did they come from, and why were they so important to start with? We look back as we talk about the history of septum piercings, starting with their origins in ancient civilizations. The septum piercing is a hole made in the wall between the nostrils of an individual. This was a trend that started in ancient times when people began to make holes in their ears to pierce. It was also through the ancient civilizations that you would find it on women and men alike, and some were even eager to get this piercing. The oldest known piercing has been discovered (and exists still!) on a mummified person who was done 5300 years ago. After the ear piercings, the septum piercing is actually the second most common among primitive tribes. To wear the septum nose pin, Slide it through and then push on one side while you’re holding the other side; you will slide it through. The origin of septum nose piercings can be traced through Native American Indians, Indians, Bengalis, as well as African tribes. Kangi tribes of New Guinea are probably most known for their septum piercings.

Nath Nose Pin 

Our gold and diamond nath noses can be worn on pierced or non-pierced noses alike. During the 9th and 10th centuries, nose rings known as the started becoming popular in various Indian languages, and women frequently wore them as a symbol of their marriage. More contemporary designs and materials became available throughout the 20th century. Generally, a nose ring or a nose stud is considered a pretty jewelry item that adds subtle beauty to one’s face and is often worn for day-to-day occasions. However, a nose ring or a nose stud is much more elaborate and is worn especially during weddings and other important occasions. With both ends pressed together, the Nath nose pin will fit into the area of your nose where it is pierced or not pierced. Our gold and diamond nath noses can be worn on pierced or non-pierced noses alike. The Nath’s nose is made of gold. It hangs from a bar that can be worn at any length. The bar is inlaid with diamonds, which set it apart from many nose pins that are currently on the market. It is ideal for anyone who likes sparkly things or for anyone who wants to exude a sense of fun and playfulness about themselves.

Gold Hoop Nose Ring 

Hoops that are made specifically for the nostril piercing will be called a nose hoop, nose ring, or nose circular. These Nose rings are made out of circular barbells in the shape of a circle but may sometimes be called nostril hoops, depending on the type of piercing location. Captive bead rings are a type of hoop nose ring. Captive hoop nose rings work on tensile strength; the only thing holding the bead in place is the pressure from both ends of the hoop. Nose studs are one of the types of nose rings that will stay in the nostrils the best for most piercings, provided the sides of the ring are pulled apart, allowing the bead to fall off. If you don’t plan on using a captive ring, pull the hoop apart until it stretches wide enough for you to work with. This short, straight barbell has a decorative end on the outside and a smaller end on the inside, which rests inside the piercing. The end of the barbell needs to be small enough to fit through the hole, but it will still hold the Jewelry in place.

Do you know, What’s the story behind the nose pin?

In addition to being introduced to the country during the rule of Mughal in the 16th century, gold jewelry should reflect a fusion of Iranian and Hindu art; the piercing is regarded as a traditional celebration of one's coming of age or marriage, precious diamond are carefully cut to fit the pure gold frames. Back in the day, nose rings were only worn by married women; There is a cultural belief in Indian Sanskriti cultures that newlywed women should wear a nose pin to signify their official marriage relationship. Now it’s a full-on fashion trend. Since nose piercings have become trendy, nose rings have also gained popularity. That’s why both young bachelor women and even men wear nose pins in the present time. Before being Committed as a fashion statement, nose pins were an eternal fashion trend no matter what the occasion was. Whether it is an ethnic outfit for a festival or an ensemble for a cocktail party, a nose pin can complete your look. To meet the needs of all our customers when it comes to Nose Pins, we put our main emphasis on meeting those needs; we have come up with the trendiest and latest designs of nose pins in various categories adorned in pure gold and diamonds by Perrian Jewels. The unique point of our category, we have created a non-piercing nose pin option for those who do not want to pierce their noses in a traditional manner.

How to Wear it?

The nose pin is worn by gently inserting the little bent section of the pin or wire at the end of the nose pin into the piercing. Slowly rotate the pin while simultaneously pushing it gently into your nose. Stop the process once you can no longer see the wire and the design of the nose pin lies parallel to your nose.

Which Nose Pin Is Better?

In the entire world, there are a non-piercing nose pin most popular but in a Indian culture, piercing nose pin high in demand because of women is incomplete without piercing in a India non-piercing types of nose requirement lots, in a non-piercing, there are various types of nose available which you can down below.

About The Brand 

Perrian, the online jeweler of India, specializes in diamond and gold jewelry and offers an array of thousands of designs for you to choose from. Do you feel that shopping for Jewelry takes up a lot of your time and energy? Well, here at Perrian, we make shopping for Jewelry easy and convenient for you and give you an array of thousands of designs to choose from. It is traditional for women to choose their ornaments from a wide range of collections of both classic and state-of-the-art styles, while men prefer to make it timely and convenient for themselves. We have met both of your needs with a user-friendly website and a large inventory to provide a wide selection. You can customize all of our products, and the real-time visualization technology on our website will allow you to see your favorite ornament in all its glory.