Valentine’s Week list for 2022: Unique Gifts Ideas

Valentine's Week List

Valentine’s week list for 2022 is now out here with some unique gift ideas for every day. February is the only month we all recognize as the month of love. During the week between 7th and 14th February, we celebrate romance and love. Every year, couples around the world celebrate this week with their loved ones. The week of Valentine’s day 2022 begins with rose day on 7 February, Monday, and ends with Valentine’s day on 14 February, Monday.

Here we will take a look at all days of Valentine’s week;

DateValentine’s week listDay
7 Feb 2022Rose DayMonday
8 Feb 2022Propose DayTuesday
9 Feb 2022Chocolate DayWednesday
10 Feb 2022Teddy DayThursday
11 Feb 2022Promise DayFriday
12 Feb 2022Hug DaySaturday
13 Feb 2022Kiss DaySunday
14 Feb 2022Valentine’s DayMonday

Rose Day (7th Feb)

rose day week list

The first day of Valentine’s week is Rose Day. As we all know roses are a sign of love and on rose day, we can celebrate it with our loved ones, as well as with our friends and colleagues. Different rose colours have different meanings. You can choose any colour depending on what you want to say to that person. 

Types of Roses To Choose Give

There are different kinds of roses are available that you can choose for your love. You can choose different colours of roses, gold plated roses, rose bouquets, etc. Here we will go through some types of roses from where you can choose;

Different Rose Color

Different Rose Color

“Red roses symbolize love, care, romantic, etc” as a way to say I love you.

“Yellow roses symbolize friendship, joy, forever, etc” Perfect way to say we are best friends.

“Pink roses symbolize gratefulness, kindness, etc” A beautiful way to thank someone for being in your life. 

“White roses symbolize charm, innocence, purity, etc” The best way to say you are the one for her/him. 

 Use whatever colour you like to convey your emotions and enjoy your moment. 

Price: – ₹50 – 100

Gold Plated Rose

Gold Plated Rose

When you want something that will last for years, then this artificial gold-plated rose is perfect for your rose day celebration. It can cost you ₹200 – ₹300 and above depending on your product and quality. It is a beautiful way to express your feelings for someone. 

Price:- ₹200 – 300

Rose Bouquet

Rose Bouquet

What about this large rose bouquet? It may cost you a little more but it is the thing that every girl wants. It is a perfect and luxurious way to celebrate the rose day with your bae. You can also customize your bouquet as per your budget by adding or removing a number of flowers. 

Price:- ₹3000 – 4000

Propose Day (8th Feb)

Propose Day Week List

This is the second day of Valentine’s week. Many couples’ love story begins with this day of Valentine’s week. This is the day when you can tell him/her your feelings for them. If you want to propose to your partner, then you should do so on 8 February.

You can also ask your girlfriend or boyfriend if they would be interested in marriage. You can also give them a ring or diamond necklace. 

It is the best time to find a good match if you are still single. Here are some tips for proposing to her in a different way. 

How To Propose Long Distance Relationship for marriage?

Do you know what is the most difficult thing in the world? Truly love someone who is too far from you. So don’t wait until it’s too late. Go and propose your long-distance love. 

There are many ways to propose to her in a long-distance relationship on the proposed day;

Social Media

In today’s generation, social media is one thing that connects everyone together. So, when you are in a long-distance relationship and it is not possible to propose to her in person because she is too far from you, then use your social media. There are many apps that help you to communicate with each other without having to meet. So, social media is one of the easiest ways to propose to her. 

Record Yourself

One of the best ways to propose your long-distance love is by recording yourself. Shoot a video of yourself expressing your feelings for her and send her through email or SMS. This can be very surprising for her if you mention something like why you love her and how much you love her.

Send your proposal with flowers

Is there anything more romantic than sending flowers? You can send her a proposal note within the flower bouquet. This surprise will surely make her smile because every girl has a dream of getting flowers and a love note from someone she loves the most. 

Send a love letter

You can also send her a letter with lots of love. In the letter, you should describe your love, add something funny and you can also add your cute pic with a cute little message like “My love will travel as far as you are. It has no limit” or ” Distance is just a test, and I don’t want to fail it”. 

How to propose to your best friend?

When you fall in love with someone it doesn’t matter who the person is, your friend, best friend, colleagues, neighbor, or classmate, etc. And when you fall for your best friend it is not that much surprising because almost all love stories begin with friendship. Before proposing to her make sure that she also has a feeling for you and if you are not sure about this, then make sure that she doesn’t have a feeling for another guy. 

Here are some ways to propose her;

Propose to her in chat

Proposing her in the chat is the safest and easiest way to ask her what she thinks about you. Don’t rush on her to get your answer, you have to be prepared for a negative answer too or even get nothing. Make her comfortable, don’t force her to love you back, respect her decision, and most important don’t break your friendship between this, give her some space. 

Make a proposal setup 

Arrange a romantic setup to propose to her. If she is the only one and she also has feelings for you then tell her what you feel for her. Don’t wait for others to come and take her. Make a theme with red balloons, candles, carpet, fairy lights, etc. This is the best way to make your proposed day special. 

How to propose your Crush?

It is easy to have a crush on someone, but it is far more difficult to tell them. But there is a large difference between having a crush on someone and truly being in love with someone, having a crush is temporary but love is permanent. And when you are sure about your feeling then you should tell her/him. 

Plan A Terrace Date

If your crush is a romantic person, then you can set a date on your terrace to propose to her/him. Terrace dates are a perfect way to spend quality time together. You just have to do is arrange light, play soft music, cook your fav food or order online, wear party clothes, set up a table with a candle, and some drinks. 

Surprise Gift At Doorstep

You can leave a surprise gift at her doorstep with your secret message. A valentine day gift can be anything like a flower vase, heart shape balloons with chocolates, cloth with jewellery set, and heels in the box, cosmetic basket, wine bottle, food in a basket that includes some sweets like donuts or cake, juice, pringles, and chocolate, etc. 

Try A Movie Date

You can take her to a famous theatre to watch her fav movie together and buy her popcorn and cola then tell her what you think about her and how much she matters to you. You can also set a theme for a movie date night, watching movies can allow you to know more about each other. 

Gifts For Propose To Her

The gifts for propose to her will help you to express your feelings towards her. There are many types of gifts which you can choose from such as flowers, cakes, chocolates, perfumes, jewellery, and so on. Choose something according to her likes and dislikes. 

You can also choose from these options;

Cute card love note

Cute card love note

What about some cute cards? It is the best way to tell her that you love her from the bottom of your heart. You can also customize your card as per your need. If you want, you can add a special message of what you want to tell her/him.

Price:- ₹100-150 

I LOVE YOU Gold Bracelet

initial love diamond bracelet for valentine rose Valentine Ring Rose Gold | Valentine Gift Ideas For Her

The best way to say I love you is by putting this I love you bracelet on her wrist. This is a perfect long-lasting gift that she will always keep close to her. Depending on your budget, you can purchase this in gold or silver, but if you don’t want to spend a lot, you can get it in plated metal at a lower price. 

Price:- Gold Metal Price:- Gold- ₹20,000 and above

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Solitaire diamond ring can be very expensive, but it is the most famous way to propose to a girl. A diamond ring is the best gift that’s every girl wants because it is the symbol of love. So, this ring is the perfect gift for proposing. The solitaire ring has a center stone surrounded by small diamonds. To make it look elegant, you can put a simple band around it. 

Price:- ₹50,000-1 lakh

Chocolate Day (9th Feb)

Chocolate Day

Chocolate day is celebrated on the third day of valentine’s week to give chocolates to someone special like a friend, girlfriend, wife, or engaged couple. Chocolate is important because it brings sweetness to your relationship. There are many types of chocolates are available from where you can choose one to celebrate chocolate day with your loved ones. 

Types of Chocolates Give On Chocolate Day

You can choose from these chocolates to make your chocolate day even more special with your loved one. You can choose any of them depending on your taste and budget. 

Here is the list of some of the best chocolates for celebrating chocolate day;

Heart shape chocolate 

Heart shape chocolate

Heart shape chocolate is the most romantic way to celebrate the chocolate day. The heart-shaped chocolate is filled with delicious cream filling and covered with dark chocolate. It looks really beautiful when you present it to your partner. 

Price:- ₹400-500

Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate bouquet

This is the best way to surprise your wife or girlfriend on this chocolate day. You can customize this beautiful bouquet of chocolate. You can choose any chocolate that your girl likes the most. The cost of this will depend on what chocolate you choose.

Price:- ₹250-500 and above

Dairy milk silk heart pop 

Dairy milk silk heart pop

When it’s time to celebrate the chocolate day, Cadbury dairy milk silk is a perfect choice to bring a smile to your girl’s face. You can choose any flavor from silk Cadbury like bubbly, fruits & nut, Oreo, caramel, mousse, etc. For a chocolate day, the most popular chocolate is the Cadbury heart pop dairy milk silk. 

Price:- ₹160-200

Ferrero rocher chocolate

Ferrero rocher chocolate

This is the chocolate that’s everyone loves, especially girls. This chocolate may cost you more as compared with others because it is also best from others. This price will depend on the piece of chocolates you choose the more you choose the more it gets costlier. You can also order the hamper of Ferrero Rocher if you want something more expensive. 

16 piece box Price:- ₹550-700

24 piece box Price:- ₹850-1200

Chocolate Gift Box

Chocolate gift box

The chocolate gift box is an excellent option to buy for the chocolate day. You can get different kinds of chocolates on it as per your need. You can customize this gift box from any website that sells gifts online. The cost depends on the number of chocolates and chocolate brands you buy.

Price:- ₹1300-2000

Chocolate Shake

Chocolate shake

If you want something different and unique then you should try some chocolate shakes. Chocolate shakes are made using various flavors of ice cream and chocolates. They are not only tasty but they are also healthy too. You can choose any kind of ice cream according to your preference. You can add other toppings such as nuts, marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, etc. 

Price:- ₹200-400

Assorted chocolate

Assorted chocolate

This is another great gift idea for the chocolate day. Assorted chocolates are made by mixing different varieties of chocolates in one pack. The cost of this varies based on the number of chocolates you buy.

Price:- ₹300-100

Which brand is best for chocolate in India?

Cadbury is the most popular chocolate brand in India. Cadbury is the best chocolate brand in India because they have a wide range of products including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. You can also choose Amul or Nestle to celebrate your chocolate day. 

Teddy Day (10th Feb)

Teddy Day

Teddy day is the fourth day of Valentine’s week. On 10th Feb we celebrate teddy day with our loved ones. On this day people give a teddy bear to someone special in their life as a token of love. Every girl loves to keep teddy bears because they are very soft and cuddly and they can be their softest companions. So, teddies are the best way to surprise your girl. 

Types of gifts you should buy on teddy day

There are many types of teddy bears are available that can make you confused about what kind of teddy you can choose for her. Here we have listed a few teddy bears that are really cute and adorable. These are the best choices you can buy for teddy day.

Teddy Keychain

Teddy keychain

Teddy bear keychain is the best and most affordable choice to celebrate teddy day. It will look so cute when she hangs it on some key or bag. You can choose any colour of teddy keychains depending on what colour your girlfriend like the most. 

Price:- ₹200-300 

Giant Teddy Bear

Giant Teddy Bear

A giant teddy bear is that one thing that can make your girl so happy on this teddy day. She will remember that day forever and can always hold that teddy whenever she misses you. A giant teddy may cost you more but it will be worth the price. Giant teddy bears are usually available in sizes ranging from 2 feet to 6 feet. The larger the size is more expensive it will be.

Price:- ₹1500-3000 and above

Giant Panda Teddy Bear

Giant Panda Teddy Bear

Many girls like panda teddy bears, if your girl is one of them then you can choose one for her on this teddy day. They look more adorable as compared with normal teddy bears. If you want to get one for your girl then you can order online. There are many websites where you can find these teddy bears at the best prices.

Price:- ₹1000- 3000 and above

Teddy Gift Box

Teddy Gift Box

On this teddy day, you can give her a box filled with kinds of goodies with teddy. This will definitely make her feel special. You can fill the box with sweets, chocolates, candies, flowers, etc with a small teddy bear in it. This will not cost you too much but it also depends on what type of goodies you choose to put in it. 

Price:- ₹500-1000



If you want to show your feelings towards your girl then you can choose I LOVE YOU teddy. It looks so cute and romantic and it is perfect for teddy day. This teddy has a heart in hand that says I LOVE YOU. Your girl will surely love this teddy.


Teddy Bear Gift Basket

Teddy Bear Gift Basket

You can choose a gift basket full of different chocolates with one brown teddy bear. It would be a great surprise for your girlfriend. You can choose a big teddy or a small one according to your budget. This will be an ideal gift for teddy day.

Price:- ₹1000-2000

Rose Teddy Bear

Rose Teddy Bear

It is one of the most popular teddy bears used by couples nowadays on teddy day. It is a beautiful flower teddy that looks so sweet and charming with a modern style. Girls love roses and this teddy will definitely remind your girl of those days.

Price:- ₹2000-3000

Promise Day (11th Feb)

Promise Day

Promise day celebrate on before 3 days of valentine day, On promise day couple have to promise with to their partner about their commitment for get engaged, get married or long commitment.

Promise day is a day for those who loves each other. It is the day the love promise is the made, and it also has a close meaning with Valentine’s Day.

On this special day, lovers will make a promise to one another that they will always be together no matter what happens in life. This gesture of making a promise symbolizes that they want to stay by each other’s side forever and never let go even when things get tough. People from all around the world can make these promises on this special day as well!

Promise Day Importance For Love Couple

Promise Day is celebrated on the anniversary of your first date to mark the promise you made to each other on that day.

The importance of Promise Day is that it’s a reminder of how much one cares about their partner and how important they are to them. Promise Day also brings couples closer together by strengthening their bond and reminding them why they fell for each other in the first place.

Importance of promise day in loveable couple is most important in this day men or women can propose for wedding and care, faith and other promises which they are thoughts each others.

How To Celebrate Promise Day?

To celebrate Promise Day, take your partner outside and spend quality time with them. Before expressing a promise, give a gift first and then start talking about it. Discuss your relationship and make a pledge about what you want to do with them in the future.

Best Love Promise To Your Girlfriend

Send your partner meaningful love promise to your girlfriend via whatsapp or instagram and make it your own quote that can impress your girlfriend more rather then send other one.

Hug Day (12th Feb)

Hug Day

Hug Day is celebrate on 2 days, before valentine day it is a simple one way to celebrate with your partner, On this day couple will celebrate with give huge. Give especial hug on this day and keep cuddle your partner on this day.

Types of Romantic Hugs

There are various types of romantic hugs which you can do with your partner when meet on and on hug day valentine’s week you can do this experience with partner take snap it for memory.

Tight Hug

tight hug | hug day valentine's week

Tight hug is one of the most famous hug in partner who usually do it while meet. Tight hug also called bear hug as well you can do this romantic hug on Valentine’s week. Tight hug create strong bond between partner and it is a common one hug.

One Way Side Hug

side hug

This hug can do with your partner when you walk together or sitting beside, This hug do when you support your partner on their feeling and opposite partner always with you.

Intimate Hug

Intimate hanging hug

With this intimate hug partner can contact each other eye and as per it is precious hugs then it will close up a body. Intimate hug also called naughty hug as well where partner grab girl from back side and try to do naughty thing like kisses.

Back Hug

backside hug

Back hug is one of the most romantic hug because it expresses trust and affection. Back hug is also done during bedtime and sleeping back to back in hug position. When surprising their lover during meet-up time, men and women enjoy this return hug.

Straddle Hug

straddle hug

Straddle hug is also known as hanging hug, in which the female partner hugs the male partner for a long time, similar to how males carry children on their hands and hug them great distances.

Waist Hug

waist hug

Waist hug type where man to women hug from waist and hold women from waist and express love. This hug expressing strong feeling and live with partner long period of time

Kiss Day (13th Feb)

This day celebrate by couple just before one day of valentine day, Couple have to kiss to their partner with kisses and cuddle also given gift as well on this day. On this day in abroad one competition also conduct by some organization to kiss their partner for one minute without touching.

Kiss Day

Kiss day quote

There are few kiss day quote available which you send to you partner if you are living on long distance relationship you can celebrate it kiss day with quote and thoughts on day or send them long distance partner things to do and send gift as well.

When words fail to express you, all you need is a sweet kiss to tell someone what he or she means to you. Wishing a very Happy Kiss Day to you

In true love the smallest distance is too great and the greatest distance can be bridged

We are the perfect couple, we are just not in the perfect situation

Valentine’s Day (14th Feb)

Valentine's Day

End of the valentine week there is valentine day come and come at 14th February and that is a all know very well. Valentines Day is an annual celebration of love and affection. It is a day where people show feelings for their partner or spouse by giving gifts like flowers, chocolates, cards or other forms of presents. The day falls on February 14th every year.

On this day couple can enjoy valentine day on their way like give gifts to take her or him to dates, long drive and cuddle whole day. Also couple can proposed each other for life long relationship. Valentine day celebrate with not only life partner but mom can celebrate with children, Child celebrate parents, and with whom who are love ones.


What is valentine’s week?

Valentine’s week is that where love couple are enjoy their whole 7 days with their partner. with different kind of days celebrate like hug day, kiss day, promise day, rose day, etc and last valentine day finish up.

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